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One of the keys on the roadmap to success of Butler Scientifics with regards to its star product AutoDiscovery has been to incorporate scientists at all stages since the first concepts of the technology now available were conceived.

automatic results exploratory analysis

Sex360 is a multi-factorial study which focuses on better understanding the human sexuality and how it is impacted by our education, our social and familiar background and our personality.

Eduard García-Cruz, MD PhD (Plató Hospital)

When it comes to dealing with a large number of variables and relationships, automating data exploration is not a luxury but a necessity ...

automatic results exploratory analysis

The project COPEwell focuses on the understanding of how fish experience their world, and what effects early life experiences have on later development and coping abilities.

Dr. Simon Mackenzie (University of Stirling)

The exhaustive exploratory analysis of AutoDiscovery was key to design our classification model of animals by their coping style...

automatic results exploratory analysis

The team is dedicated to the characterization of new therapeutic targets in aggressive B-cell lymphoma. The final objective of their work is the design of individualized therapies.

Gaël Roue, PhD (IDIBAPS)

AutoDiscovery helped us to unveil gene signatures with high biological and clinic significance in our cancer models...

Dr. Trejo's Group on 2013

Dr. Trejo is responsible for the Laboratory of Adult Neurogenesis. The work of the group focuses on both basic and therapeutic aspects of the formation of new neurons in the adult brain.

Dr. José Luis Trejo (Cajal Institute)

AutoDiscovery brought relationships to my attention which I'd have never noticed such as the ratio memory/learning...

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If you are stucked on complex data sets and have no time for exploration, you may want to check us out...

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