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Data sources are the cornerstone of the Discovery Map, the interactive graph that facilitates identifying novel unexpected relationships between your variables.

What are data sources?


"Data source" is the generic term used within AutoDiscovery for a particular data acquisition device, equipment or subsystem in your experiment design.


Every data source is configured with the variables it provides. That way, AutoDiscovery is enabled to identify cross-relations between data sources and also internal relations in every data source.


Managing your data sources


To create your data sources:


  1. Consolidate your data files in your project. 

  2. Click the AutoDiscovery's title bar to drop down the menu and click the "Configure Variables" button.

  3. Select the "Data Sources" tab.

  4. Click the "Add New" button as many times as data sources are there in your experiment. Each data source is assigned with a color.


To configure the data sources created:


  1. Double-click the "Name" cell and set the name of the data source.

  2. Select the variables provided by the data source in the list of variables on the left side of the window. If more than one variable is to be selected, keep the Ctrl key pressed as you click on them.

  3. Click the "Assign" button located at the right side of the row. The assigned variables will be coloured with the same colour of the data sources.

  4. Repeat the process for each data source.


To modify the variables assigned to a data source:


  1. Double-click the row corresponding to the data source. All the assigned variables will be automatically selected in the list of variables.

  2. Modify the selection by keeping the Ctrl key pressed as your click on the variables.

  3. Click the "Assign" button located at the right side of the row. The new list of variables will be assigned to the data source.


To remove a data source:


  1. Click the row corresponding to the data source.

  2. Press the "Remove..." button to remove the data source and confirm the deletion.​



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