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Looking for describing, optimizing or predicting from a complex dataset?

The most relevant knowledge for your clinical studies and research papers is concealed under your data files but you simply cannot see them.

That is exactly the mission of AutoDiscovery: to let your data tell the story.


Seamless ​Data Consolidation

​AutoDiscovery automatically aggregates the different data files generated by your devices, teams or clinical processes.

Smart Exhaustivity

​Each and every potential association between the variables is evaluated at a vertiginous speed automatically applying a proper exploratory statistical test in each case.


x10 times faster, x200 times wider analysis.

The Most Important Part Of The Story

Results are automatically sorted out based on their scientific relevance and statistical significance so that your team can focus in the most important first.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The interactive Discovery Map and Hypo Booster tools provide a powerful easy-to-understand graphical visualization to extract the best conclusions and to focus on the most relevant relationships for you. Scatter plots support your results.

Explore your results efficiently!

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