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We Keep Growing. Will You Join Us?

At Butler Scientifics we have been growing in the world of data science for 8 years, and especially in automated and intelligent exploration.

AutoDiscovery is the magic behind the scenes, applied in projects in such powerful areas as oncology, sports medicine or corporate data analytics.

We are currently taking a step forward in the growth of our team and that is why we want to incorporate talented people in these key areas:

1. Business Development (Spain): we are looking for a person capable of leading business development in different areas of the local market. Strategy, customer relationship and negotiation are the keywords of this position.

2. Software Engineering: We are looking for a person capable of leading the growth of AutoDiscovery. Vue, Laravel, Python and AWS are the technologies we rely on.

3. Data Science: we are looking for a person to join the team of data scientists to respond to the needs of projects and clients. Data analysis, Python, and predictive models are essential in this position.

Will you join us?


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