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University of Stirling
AutoDiscovery helped us to unveil gene signatures with high biological and clinic significance in our cancer models...

Gaël Roue, PhD, IDIBAPS

What Is This Work About?


The team is dedicated to the characterization of new therapeutic targets in aggressive B-cell lymphoma.


The final objective of their work is the design of individualized therapies, as it is intended that the information obtained can serve for the conduct of phase I/II clinical trials, in partnership with the biotechnology companies and the hemathology departments associated to their projects.


The project "New therapies against oncogenes and tumoral microenvironment in B-cell aggressive lymphomas" is funded by the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII).

Dr. Sònia Rey-Planellas (UAB)

Gaël Roue, PhD 

(Tenure-Track Investigator)

What Problem Did They Face?


A large amount of data from several gene expression analysis techniques and tumor groups was gathered. 

To identify the best genetic biomarkers to classify the different groups, they needed to automatically integrate all these data sets.

This integrative approach was not easily available in the classical analysis software tools, at least in an efficient manner.

Which Was The Contribution Of AutoDiscovery To This Work?


AutoDiscovery helped them to unveil gene signatures with high biological and clinic significance in their cancer models thanks to the following features: 




  • The Hypo Booster tool to explore the factors underlying the evolution of tumoral volume and morphology.


Physiopathology and molecular bases in hematology

Would you like to contact Gaël?


Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS)

C/Roselló, 149-143
08036 Barcelona (Spain)


+34 932 275 400


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