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When it comes to dealing with a large number of variables and relationships, automating data exploration is not a luxury but a necessity ...

Dr. Eduard García-Cruz, MD PhD, Chairman of Urology (Plató Hospital)

What Is This Work About?


Dr. Eduard Garcia-Cruz is urologist at Hospital Clínic (Barcelona, Spain), head of Men's Health Unity at Barnaclínic+ and Chairman of Urology at Plató Hospital. This young doctor is specialist in Sexual Medicine, Prostate Hyperplasia and eHealth or Digital Medicine and new models of medicine.  


Dr. García-Cruz leads Sex360, a multi-factorial study which focuses on better understanding the human sexuality and how it is impacted by our education, our social and familiar background and our personality.

Dr. Eduard García-Cruz

What Problem Did We Face?


We carried out an online survey with more than 170 respondents and 77 questions of more than 20 different topics including demographics, sexual education, abuse, and satisfaction and psychological profiling among others.


In order to characterize better our sample population based on all these factors, thousands of statistical calculations had to be properly selected and performed which would be impossible to afford following a classical methodology.

Which Was The Contribution Of AutoDiscovery To This Work?


AutoDiscovery took less than 30 seconds to perform 3.000 numerical correlations, discriminant and contingency tests to exhaustively explore the dataset. It helped me to rapidly identify the key potential factors characterizing the respondents by gender, age, sexual abuses, psychological profile and emotional condition among other criteria.

The main AutoDiscovery features applied to this work were:


  • The automatic selection of the proper statistical test to assess the potential relationships depending on the nature and distribution of the values of each factor.


  • The Hypo Booster tool to focus on the most relevant factors potentially involved in each characterization criteria.


  • The automatic results sorting, which greatly helped me to focus in the “strongest relationships”, always from an exploratory point of view.


Would you like to contact Eduard?


Hospital Plató Barcelona Healthcare

C/Copernic, 61-63
08006 Barcelona (Spain)


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