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Fruitful Collaborations: AutoDiscovery and the COPEwell Project

One of the keys on the roadmap to success of Butler Scientifics with regards to its star product AutoDiscovery has been to incorporate scientists at all stages since the first concepts of the technology now available were conceived.

Today we would like to bring light to our collaboration with the COPEwell Project, which consortium represents some of the leading groups in stress and fish welfare research in Europe:

COPEwell consortium partners

The COPEwell project aims is to develop a new integrative framework for the study of fish welfare based on the concepts of allostasis, appraisal and coping styles.

The COPEwell Project Overview

With the goal of stablishing a link between stress coping ability and brain function in Atlantic salmon, they performed a battery of behavioural tests to more tan 480 animals and assessed the expression of target genes related to stress coping styles with different functions from metabolism to neuronal plasticity.

This led to a complex multi-dimensionality exploratory problem with 75 variables and 6 related sources of information for which PCA analysis was insufficient due to the manual effort ir required.

Thanks to the collaboration between Dr Sonia Rey and Dr Mackenzie from the University of Stirling and Ray G. Butler from Butler Scientifics, the consortium is being able to overcome the limits of current exploration techniques, while boosting the outcome of their data.

Simon Mackenzie

Sonia Rey

AutoDiscovery is being integral in helping the consortium to boost the efficiency at handling:

  • The consolidation of the behavioral and gene expression data.

  • The evaluation of relationships within the different data subjects.

  • The exploration of relationships through the Hypo Booster Tool.

One more example of what AutoDiscovery may do for scientists. We are thankfull for the opportunity to contribute to the COPEwell Project, while we look forward to the final results to be disclosed!

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