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  • Ray G. Butler

#LungCancer Meets #DataScience in Barcelona

My infiltrated spy has just confirmed me that 7000+ clinical researchers and 50+ pharma companies working in lung cancer are right now in our city presenting their projects, clinical data and new products in the IASLC Conference.

If you are also one of those who can’t afford for a so-expensive ticket (1080€ just for walking around!) and you’re interested in how #DataScience techniques are being applied in this area just keep reading …

Speakers, sessions, posters and seminars

I downloaded the IASLC Conference app, searched for terms like “data exploration”, “data analytics” and “artificial intelligence” and collected this list of speakers, sessions, posters and seminars that I am pleased to share with you now.

# Exploratory Data Analysis

# Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

# Real World Data

# General Data Science

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